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  Chengdu  purechem-standard co., LTD. Is specialized in the separation and purification of natural products with high purity monomer , is set research,development and trade in one of the high-tech enterprises. Company always stick to the domestic and foreign latest pharmacopoeia and the latest developments in pharmaceutical development , can provide thousands of high purity natural product monomer. 

   Purechem-standard company has more than ten sets of industrial HPLC column (DAC) systems. We have organized a talented team with strong academic background in phytochemistry, traditional Chinese medicine and pharmaceutical analysis to help the customer in solving the problems in the highly performance separation and purification of natural pharmaceutical ingredient and traditional Chinese medicine reference substance.

   Our characteristic services are high pure Herb Active Ingredients . The products listed in our cataloge can all be manufactured in bulk scale. All our products have strict quality control and assurance ,and we can provide the data of HPLC, MS and NMR ect. Our reference substances are all in line with the requirements of CP, USP and EP, and we can provide the calibration and identification data according to customers requests.
    We are confident in offering comprehensive valuable services。We are doing our best to be your reliable partner for high quality Phytochemicals and Reference Substances, and we can provide the systematic solutions of the separation and purification process. Now we have clients from more than a dozen countries and regions, including some famous large companies, some well-known European and American universities and research institutions. Based on principle of ”Professional and efficient “. Purechem-standard company can offer good services, high quality products and competitive prices.

Company business scope:

1. Provide all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine reference substance and plant monomer;

2. The isolation and purification of natural products with high purity monomer production  technology development;

3. Contact separation and purification g to kg high-purity of natural products monomer;

4. The medicine research and quality evaluation of TCM ;

5. Drug impurity separation and identification.  



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